The Jamaican American Association of Northern California (JAANC) was founded in 1975 and incorporated March 24, 1976 under the name Jamaican Association of Northern California(JANC) in the city of Oakland, California.  The name was changed December 15, 2008 to  reflect the integration of Jamaicans in the American culture and thus the name change to Jamaican American Association of Northern California(JAANC).

Non-profit status:

The Association is a 501 C (3) organization operating within the territorial limits of the Northern Border of the State to Bakersfield, CA on the eastern border but not including Bakersfield, to and including San Luis Obispo on the Western border.

Membership:  Membership is open to all.  Most of our members reside in the City of Oakland with members living in San Francisco, San Jose and as far north as Sacramento, California.


The purpose of the organization is to:

  1. Promote the national culture of Jamaica in Northern California to foster a better understanding among Americans with a commitment to non-political and non-sectarian activities.
  1. Promote diversity and awareness for the respect of cultural differences among all citizens of Northern California.
  1. Assist appointees to the diplomatic corps in the United States and the Honorary Counsel of Northern California.
  1. To assist Jamaicans in emergencies.
  1. To serve as a cohesive force for people of a common heritage.
  1. To assist Jamaican migrants in their efforts to adapt to their new community.

Mission: To advance the relationship between Jamaicans and Americans in Northern California through cultural awareness, education and resources.

Vision: To promote Jamaican culture and provide educational opportunities in order to strengthen our local and global communities.