This is a partnership with the National Naval Officers Association(NNOA), San Francisco Bay Area Chapter to raise monies for the Jamaican American Association (JAANC) Scholarship fund. If you volunteer, JAANC will get to share in the proceeds raised by NNOA. Volunteers can be members or non-members of JAANC. However, volunteers are reminded that if you do join NNOA at the games, you are representing JAANC. Any questions about this project must be addressed to Commander Keyes, If you volunteer and at the last minute must cancel, please try to find a replacement. Commander Keyes turn in his volunteer list to the Management company offering this fundraising opportunity and they have an expectation that the people who sign up will show up to volunteer. Thank you for interest and participation. JAANC TEAM.

2013 San Francisco 49ers Home Game Football Schedule
Download pdf schedule here [Updated]. There are three more opportunities for you to volunteer (others if post-season games at Candlestick) and help raise money for the Scholarship fund. Please review the list and determine if you can volunteer for any of these games. If you have any questions, please contact Commander Adolph Keyes at (510) 374.8237. This is an excellent opportunity for us to continue earning money to support the scholarship program.

Note: Volunteers will meet at the Cow Palace parking lot the next three games to catch the bus to the stadium at 0830, and can expect to be released about 1730. As before a 45 minute lunch is given and you’ll be given a 15 minute breaks. Please note there is plenty of standing. Highly recommend wearing very comfortable black shoes. Also recommend a warm black coat to go along with black pants (no jeans) and a long-sleeve white shirt with a collar.

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  1. Admin says:

    I worked the Houston vs 49er NFL game and had a very good time. I worked the “D” gate security, checking fans with the metal detector and checking bags for illegal items like knives, improper size bags, alcohol, etc. The day was long, but rewarding. I arrived at the Cow Palace about 1030, road the bus to Candlestick checking in at 1100. I was assigned to my station about 1300 where I worked until taking one 15 minute break, followed by a 45 minute Subway Sandwich lunch which cost $5 and is taken from the earnings.

    The excitement about gate “D” is it is the media gate where celebrities enter the stadium. At the end of the game, I observed Al Michaels (ABC Sports) and Cris Collinsworth (ABC Sports & NFL Hall of Famer) enter and leave the stadium a couple of times and had the opportunity to personally meet, shake hands, and speak with Bob Costas (ABC Sports) and Hines Ward (ABC Sports & a future Hall of Fame wind receive of Pittsburgh Steelers).

    As noted, the day was long. I signed out at 2100 and caught the bus back to the Cow Palace, only to discover a fire and several accidents blocked the Bay Bridge and I had to go home using the Golden Gate. With the delays, it took about 2.5 hours to get home. But it was worth the experience and I am looking forward to the next home game.

    Excerpt from CDR Adolph Keyes report on game experience.

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