The mandate of LBCE & CHI, is to: “Maintain the Memories and Legacy of Eric and Louise Bennett Coverley Alive”

Louise Bennett, with husband Eric Coverly

In order to achieve this mandate, LBCE/CHI have come together, to produce and create a “Coffee Table Book” to celebrate the life and legacy of the Coverleys.  The coffee table book will bring to life a spirited narrative that documents the formative impact, the Coverleys and their contemporaries had and have on Jamaican heritage and the outsized influence our culture has had on the world.  The narrative will follow a thread that leads from the transformative cultural work they did with our language and the arts in the middle of the century to the rise and internationalization of Jamaican culture as evidenced by its influence on cultures. 

Miss Lou Statue GT Sep 2018

The Coverleys had impact and influenced many of us. We are hereby soliciting your help in  the creation of the “Miss Lou Say So” Coffee Table Book.  We invite you to submit snippets of your memories/thoughts of them and interactions with them by commenting on this Post,  (individually and together) along with your contemporaneous impressions of their work as you first experienced it.  Your memories and impressions will be  included as annotations to the glorious images in the “COVERLEY’S Coffee Table Book.

Eric Chalk Talk

Tek Time, and Tenk U,  Walk Good

Fabian Coverley B.T

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