The 37th Annual Induction ceremony was held on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel, Jamaica New York. Honored and inducted into the Cricket Hall of Fame on this day were the distinguished records of Dave Cameron (President of CWI), Councilman Alan Maisel (NY Councilman), Jimmy Adams (Fmr. West Indies Captain), Richard Staple (Fmr. USA Captain), Trevor Walke (well-known NY cricketer), Shah Zafar (cricket administration Canada), Rudy Persaud (President Eastern American Cricket Association), Byron Chambers (Founder, Cornwall Cricket Club, NY), John Mitchell (Pioneer Cricket Club NY), John Melbourne (NY Radio Announcer), Leonard Chambers (Jamaica & West Indies Rep.), Fitzroy Hayles (Fmr. President USA Cricket Umpires Assn.), and Curtis Clarke, (Fmr. President, Connecticut Cricket League). (more …)

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