Special Guest Speaker – DORKA KEEHN

SF Arts Commissioner

Dorka Keehn is a San Francisco Arts Commissioner and award-winning artist. She chairs the Visual Arts Committee that commissions all the city’s public artwork and also works with developers on their public art requirements. Dorka is the co-founder of Sites Unseen, which brings art to neglected alleys in the Yerba Buena neighborhood.

The Artists
Jackson Shuri
The sensational Jamaican immigrant artist Jackson Shuri.

A multimedia artist and U.S. Army veteran who traveled the world and lived in Germany for a while before returning to the U.S.A. M.O.A.L is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University.

Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino 
Between design-build and custom fabrication, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino has been experimenting in Artistic Mechanix, specifically investigating the world he imagines as complex, tension filled interactions.

Read the full press release here, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2017 Kingston 11 Cuisine.pdf

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