A book has recently been published in Jamaica called “The Great Case” dealing with the all-important lawsuit against the insurance companies brought by the merchants of Kingston for fire damage after the great earthquake of 1907. It is authored by Paul Levy and reads more like a mystery novel than a law book. It has received the approval of both the Minister of Education and the Minister of Justice as follows:

“Interesting story telling on an under-researched period of Jamaica’s past and an almost unknown episode of our legal history. An important read for lovers of Jamaican lore and legal servants alike.”

-The Hon. Rev. Ronnie Thwaites, Minister of Education

“Whether you are interested in history, the law, the world of business or things Jamaican, Paul Levy’s chronicle of the legal aftermath of Kingston’s disastrous 1907 earthquake is a fascinating literary gem. Its accurate, plain-English description of the legal processes in this remarkable litigation are accessible to lawyers and laymen alike. The journey through the courts is entwined with delightful anecdotes that bring to life a neglected period of our colonial past. The book therefore constitutes an important contribution to the recording of Jamaica’s rich legal history, written by a lawyer whose family has played a significant part in that heritage.”

-Senator the Hon. Mark J. Golding, Minister of Justice

The book is available for purchase in Jamaica for $2500 JA. To order the book, please send a cheque (payable to ICWI) for $28 USD or $30 CAD to:

2 St. Lucia Avenue
Kingston 5
Jamaica, West Indies

View Flyer at this link, The Great Case

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