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Walkathon Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Walkathon Location: Martin Luther King Shoreline Park, Swan way @ Dolittle Drive, Oakland
Walkathon time: 9a.m. to 1p.m.

Think raising funds for a great cause is too hard? Think again! Here are 10 Steps to Raise $500!

1. Show your commitment and contribute to yourself $25
2. Ask your spouse/parent/family members to match your donation $75
3. Ask your co-workers to donate (5 co-workers for $5) $25
4. Ask a vendor/supplier from your company $50
5. Ask 5 friends to sponsor you for $5 each $25
6. Ask everyone in a club/organization (10 people for $10) $100
7. Send out a letter to your holiday card mailing list $100
8. Ask businesses that you visit often for a donation $40
9. Ask someone who has asked you for a donation $10
10. Ask your boss for a company contribution $50
  Total $500

Here are some additional tips to help make collecting donations easier …

  • Anyone is a potential donor.
  • Ask people that you have daily contact with or who you’ve established a relationship with in one way or another – parents, friends, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, grocer, banker, mechanic, lawyer, dry cleaner, members of your gym, etc.
  • Start with the person whom you think will give you the largest donation, which will establish a high baseline of giving.
  • Ask your company about matching gifts. Many companies will match whatever amount each employee raises on his or her own.
  • Tell your supporters why you’re walking for JAANC and breast cancer research and support.
  • Collect your donations up front so you don’t have to ask for them a second time.
  • Ask at least 1 person per day to make a donation.
  • If you’re uncomfortable asking face-to-face, use the website instead.
  • Aim high – ask for $50 and settle for $25, instead of asking for $25 and settling for $10. Base the amount you’re asking for on your prospects’ ability to give.
  • Carry your pledge sheet with you at all times
  • Next Event: October 18th – Family Day at Oakland Raiders

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