The Master of Arts in Women’s Health (MAWH) program at Suffolk University
(Boston) is pleased to offer a competitive, annual, full tuition scholarship
to a student committed to working in the field of Black women?s health. Funded
by the Suffolk University College of Arts and Sciences, this scholarship is
designed to develop leadership in an area that will contribute to the health
and well-being of African American women and girls.

By virtually every marker of health and health care status, African American
women suffer unjustly. African American women are less likely than white
women to have health insurance and are more likely to be dependent upon the
political vagaries of Medicaid policies. African American women confront
particularly high rates of cervical cancer, diabetes, hypertension, breast
cancer, HIV/AIDS infection, and maternal mortality. For these patterns to

Government policies need to redress longstanding racial
disparities in health care access.
Medical institutions need to develop programs that improve
patient care for Black women.
Health care providers need to cultivate communication skills
that show respect for the strengths and diversity of Black women
and that acknowledge financial limitations that may interfere
with health maintenance.
Community leaders need to work towards building environments
that are safe and healthy for Black women and their families.
Educators need to address how African American women can make
the healthy choices that facilitate healthy minds and bodies.
African American women need training in self-care and

The MAWH Scholarship to Build Leadership in the Field of African American
Women’s Health aims to train gifted and dedicated students to work
effectively in all of these arenas.

To apply for the Scholarship please submit by no later than April 15:

(1)The standard application materials required for the MAWH; to view,
click here.

(2) A substantive essay addressing: (a) What are the core health issues
facing Black women? (b) How did you come to develop an interest in Black
women?s health? (c) What do you hope to learn in the MAWH program that will
help you develop as a leader in the field of Black women?s health? (d) What
does being a leader in the field of Black women?s health mean to you? (e)
Describe your ideal job in this field!

Questions? or contact

Amy Agigian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Director, Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights
Director, Master of Arts in Women’s Health
Suffolk University
8 Ashburton Place, Beacon Hill
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617-573-8487
Fax: 617-994-4278

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