Women Impacting Public Policy is pleased to announce the release of the application for the 2008 Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship; this year’s application deadline is June 30th. The Scholarship, established in 2006 honoring Senator Dole as the WIPP Congressional Award Winner, is completing its first program year watching young women business owners grow and thrive in their community. It has been an exciting and educational process and we are eager to begin the process for the coming program year.

We need your help finding the best and the brightest young women entrepreneur community leaders to apply for the next class of the Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. The scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and guidance from successful women business owners – as well as have a chance to receive a cash award to help grow their business!

The Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship is a bi-partisan effort, established to recognize high potential young women business owners who are leaders in their community, with resources and guidance to excel their businesses and personal success.

Here are the qualifications you will be looking for:

At least 51% woman-owned
Entrepreneur between the ages of 21-35
U.S. Citizen
Business 5 years old or less
Revenue of $500, 000 or less for service industries OR $1milion or less for manufacturing industries
The business has capacity to assume more debt
Owner has a satisfactory personal credit history

If you know someone who might be interested, please forward this email along or use the sample email provided here, likewise program details are also available on WIPP.org:

2008 Scholarship Application

2008 Letter of Recommendation Form

Fact Sheet

We are also pleased to invite you to join us as a sponsor of this important effort. Sponsorship opportunities are available for as low as $50.00 and all sponsors will be recognized along with the program and at the 2008 WIPP Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Sponsorship of the Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship sends a powerful message of women business owners helping women business owners.

Women Owned Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Response Form

If you have any questions on the application or sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Lalak at the WIPP office at JLalak@wipp.org or via 415-434-4314. Remember, applications are due June 30th, so there is no time to waste!

We look forward to an exciting 2008!

Kathryn Mahoney

Co-Chair, Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

President and CEO, Political Capitol, Inc.

Mary Cantando

Co-Chair, Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Growth Expert, WomanBusinessOwner.com

We Decide!

Women Impacting Public Policy Annual Conference

Mayflower Hotel – Washington, DC – September 8-9, 2008

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WIPP, Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc. is a national bipartisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women and minorities in business, strengthening their sphere of influence in the legislative process of our nation, creating economic opportunities and building bridges and alliances to other small business organizations. Through WIPP, our collective voice makes a powerful impact on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. Click here to read WIPP’s Bipartisan Policy

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