The Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States proudly presents “Shaping Our Future: One Aim, One Destiny.”

This free, one day Jamaica Youth Forum, geared toward South Florida high school and college students, seeks to enlighten and engage our young leaders in discussion relevant to their success in the U.S. and abroad. Registration is free and is now available online at

The Forum will be held at the University of Miami on Saturday, April 12, from at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This year’s events will be streamed LIVE on the internet and will be broadcasted at

Engaging forum discussion topics include Making an Impact, Building Relationships, and Cultural Identity and a dynamic welcome address will be provided by Mr. Ricardo Allicock, Consul General of Jamaica, and Attorney Marlon Hill.

“As an immigrant community adjusting to life in the United States, we face unique challenges and issues. This Forum is intended to expose these issues not only for the young people, but also for the parents and caregivers. Technology will help to broaden the conversation to a wider audience in the Diaspora,” stated Marlon Hill, Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the Southern United States.

Noted panelists will include Dr. Lloyd Cohen, President of the Jamaican Association of Miami-Dade Educators, David Mullings, Co-Chair of Jamaica Youth Forum and CEO of Realvibez Media, Dr. Percy Ricketts, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Scott Hamilton, FIU Student advisor and mentor, and Kelliann McDonald, founder of the Jamaican-American Student Association (JAMSA) at the University of Florida.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided courtesy of community partners such as Jamaica National, Dr. Jarrett’s Wellness Center, and Western Union/Grace Kennedy.

“We are now in full immersion of an internet generation. We have a great opportunity to share this conversation on important issues both here in the United States and abroad. We welcome all interested parties to register online and attend the Forum,” added Mr. Mullings.

All interested parties are invited to contact the host committee at, or visit to register online.

ABOUT THE DIASPORA: The Jamaican Diaspora includes all Jamaican nationals and persons of Jamaican heritage, their family and friends, who reside overseas around the world, including the Southern United States. The Jamaican Diaspora Movement is a historic opportunity to unite and galvanize all Jamaicans, their talents, resources, and potential throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and around the world for the benefit of their local communities and the future development and support of Jamaica.

For more information on the Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States – Call: (786)349-2584 in the U.S. ● (876) 621-0102 in Jamaica ● Facsimile: (786) 551-0785 or Email:


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