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Daphne Muse is a Bay Area writer, poet, and cultural broker.  Her collection of more than 3,700 handwritten and typed letters dating back to 1898 resounds with the voices of activists, writers, artists, actors, world leaders, and media innovators who shaped movements, created new artistic visions, and drove the intellectual, philosophical and cultural discourse for civil rights, human rights and liberation for the 20th and the early years of the 21st century.

Wednesday, May 23 • 7:30PM • 9:15PM
Friday, May 25 • 7:30PM
Black Mother
Oakland • Starline Social Club • Tickets • Facebook

About the Film (from Khalik Allah): 
“I’m depicting the undepicted. I’m taking what I did in Field Niggas, and multiplying that times ten. My artistic vision is to weave a wild tapestry of intimate words, sounds, and obscure portraiture into a cohesive energy that will penetrate the heart. During “triangular-trade” only the “wildest” Africans were thrown off onto Jamaica because their captors feared they would be the most rebellious and unbreakable slaves. This is part of the reason why Jamaica is so strong and so wild, and why such a tiny island has had such a huge impact on the world. This isn’t going to be a music documentary, a “talking-head” documentary, or a religious documentary. In the end it will be a spiritual diamond crystal of a film. I’m using film as a prism to depict the island’s inner light through.”

Special Guest Speaker – DORKA KEEHN

SF Arts Commissioner

Dorka Keehn is a San Francisco Arts Commissioner and award-winning artist. She chairs the Visual Arts Committee that commissions all the city’s public artwork and also works with developers on their public art requirements. Dorka is the co-founder of Sites Unseen, which brings art to neglected alleys in the Yerba Buena neighborhood.

The Artists
Jackson Shuri
The sensational Jamaican immigrant artist Jackson Shuri.

A multimedia artist and U.S. Army veteran who traveled the world and lived in Germany for a while before returning to the U.S.A. M.O.A.L is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University.

Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino 
Between design-build and custom fabrication, Philip (Felipe) Pasqualino has been experimenting in Artistic Mechanix, specifically investigating the world he imagines as complex, tension filled interactions.

Read the full press release here, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2017 Kingston 11 Cuisine.pdf

Berkeley Talks with Marlon James
Wed, March 1, 8pm
Zellerbach Hall
Tickets just $5

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About Marlon James;

Jamaican author Marlon James, whose monumental latest novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings, earned him the prestigious Man Booker Prize. Praised for his “vaulting ambition and prodigious talent” (The New York Times), James will discuss his writing process, as well as the themes that underlie his celebrated works of fiction: the colonial history of the Caribbean, race and gender in the US and UK, and hip-hop and reggae youth subcultures. The Berkeley Talks series brings intellectuals, public scholars, creators, and innovators to the Berkeley campus to engage in dialogue with Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks on distinctive and timely issues. 

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Tune in to San Francisco’s Favorite Reggae Show English Pound Radio

Thursday Nights on KPOO 89.5 FM in SF 8pm to 11pm PST

  8pm to 11pm West Coast Time

  11pm to 2am Eastern Time

  10pm to 1am JAMAICA TIME

Friday 4am to 7am UK Time (English Pound Radio )

High Grade Reggae Roots, Dancehall, Lovers Rock, Dub,

Rock Steady & Reggae Concert Ticket Giveaways on English Pound Radio 

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Listen on your phone (712) 832 2718

The popular Jamaican radio station Power 106 and host, Dervan Malcolm,  will be broadcasting live from Kingston 11 in Oakland tomorrow (Friday) from noon to 2p.m. Members of the community are invited to stop by, they would love to talk to local Jamaicans.

Power 106 is in town to cover JAANC’s annual fourth of July picnic.

Kingston 11 is located at 2270 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612


For more information contact Kimone Gooden, 650-619-3392