• Melody House is a private institution, but they get a small stipend from the government to help defer some of the monthly expenses for the girls. Most of the funding comes from private donors.
  • The house is located on several acres of land on which there are a lot of fruits and vegetable on the property.
  • They raise and sell chicken and also get eggs for the house.
  • They do fundraisers a couple times per year to raise funds for the house
  • There are about three adults running the house
  • What are their long term needs?

    Ms Claire and Mr. Dave Newman would like to have access to technology – via computers in the house- to better prepare them for their futures.

    What are their short term needs?

    Short term need is for a stove.
    MH Stove

    Do they have a need for used clothing?

    Mrs Clarie said they do have a need for clothing – if it is good condition
    They also need school supplies (pens, pencils, paper etc) and toiletries. (with up to 20 young ladies in the house – they need lots of toiletries.


    The house can accommodate up to 20 young ladies. The immediate need is for a stove.

    Previous funds that JAANC donated before were used to install kitchen cabinets.
    MH Cabinets
    This need was confirmed during a visit Nov. 2011 by JAANC member Rose March. If you wish to support this project, please contact Ms. Claire Purkiss at the email address and phone number provided.